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Wood pasture-fed White Park cattle.

White park cattle

The ancient White Park Cattle are associated with the Druids and Celts and came close to extinction in the 1970s.Thankfully the breed has been revived by the White Park Cattle Society and the likes of BBC Countryfile presenter, Adam Henson, who has a herd at the Cotswold Farm Park.We bought our first cattle in 2020, including a bull from the Cadzow bloodline, one of just four domestic herds left in Britain in 1946.The striking animals are all white except for the black points on their nose, feet, ears and the tips of their sweeping horns.The beef is outstanding, marbled with fat, making the flesh sweet and tender. Ours is dry-aged for 28 days for maximum tenderness and flavour.When the late gourmet AA Gill tried a White Park steak he said it was the “best steak I have had this year”.Writing in the Sunday Times, he said: “The White Park. A breed I’ve ever eaten before and had always assumed was purely ornamental, was really excellent: softly chewy with that strong, distinctive, almost corrupt flavour of proper beef … it was the best steak I’ve had this year.”We keep the Ergyng herd at Chapel House and like to think that a herd like ours would have one graced the pre-Roman Craswall slopes.

Naturally reared to bordering on the wild, our grazing, browsing and rooting animals feed on a rich mega salad of herbs, grasses, legumes and native tree leaves in meadows and wood pastures to produce climate positive meat - healthy for both the environment and us.You can see and taste the difference immediately. Grass and woodpasture-fed animals consume a higher amount of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals through munching on a variety of deep rooting plants, giving their meat a dark, rich red colour and a deeper flavour.

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