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Harvesting heritage grain.

Flour & pulses

We have been using our own flour milled from the heritage wheat Atle, for making our sourdough pizza dough for the past year.

The high gluten content and flavour make for a really easy to handle and tasty dough. The flour is also easier to digest than some made from modern wheat varieties.

Heritage wheats are deeper rooting plants too, meaning that they draw up nutrients from lower down in the soil where they are more plentiful, and are also good for the soil.

We'll also be milling flour from our new crop of population wheat Torth y Tir; a genetically very diverse crop including some medieval wheats, April Bearded, Hen Gymru, YQ, spelt and rye.

Our heritage wheat and bean crops are grown on our traditional farm lower down in the Golden Valley as part of a diverse rotation including fertility building and species rich herbal leys and winter cover cops. 

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