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Large Black pigs.

large black pigs

We started our first herd of Large Black pigs in summer 2020.The very rare breed lop-eared Large Black is Britain’s rarest pig breed and only all black pig.It is also indeed very large. Long and deep bodied, sows weigh  around 300kg and boars 350kg.Thankfully this big pig is also docile and friendlyIt has its origins in the Old English hog of the 16th and 17th Centuries.When the Rare Breed Survival Trust was founded in 1973 the breed, which had been out-competed by the Large White, Landrace and Welsh breeds for commercial production, was on the critical list.Now, thanks also to the Large Black Pig Breeders Society, the once forgotten pig is making a much-deserved come back.The pork is outstanding, very tasty, even the fat, which is sweet and moreish. We have made some amazing ham, roasts and sausages.The breed is also dual purpose, which means it can be killed at a lighter weight for pork or a heavier weight for bacon.Large Blacks are hardy too, happy to tootle outside, even in Craswall winter weather.

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