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Food from the fire

In 2016 we uncovered an old bread oven in part of our15th Century house. Since then, after restoring it, we have enjoyed making meals for ourselves and friends. So much so, we are now making fire cooked meals for our campers and local people.

We also serve food from our garden fire pit and bbq on special food evenings.



Fire cooked meals include slow roasts, casseroles, daubes, bakes, chillies, curries and gratins, made with our own produce.

Sourdough pizzas.
Pizza menu


Our delicious farm food

We serve meals made with our delicious farm produce most weekends during the spring and summer. Breakfast buns, toasties, our own burgers with garden salad and cakes made with our own heritage flour are available at other times from the farm shop as well as hot drinks and local juice.

 We also offer our fire cooked fare on special food nights:



Local beers, ciders and juice available from our farm shop.


To book please e-mail or phone 01981 510590, indicating your meal choice and time you would like to eat.


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