April 2018

Our first lamb. Just 24 hours before this photo was taken she was born prematurely in four inches of snow in one of the campsite fields.

She quickly became hypothermic in the exceptionally wet conditions and had to be dried off and brought into the house where she was wrapped in one of the children’s old fleece tops, fed colostrum and put in a box by the sitting room fire.

Amazingly, after just one hour, the colostrum and fire worked their magic and she began to revive. That night she was up on her feet and walking.

And the next day, the incessant rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the lamb took her first run on long, gangly legs outside in the garden.

February 2018 

These two young guinea fowl joined our chicken flock at the end of January.

It's very hard to identify male and female guinea fowl.

Ours are just a few months old, but the bird on the left has a bigger helmet and wattle, so we're hoping it's a male and the other is a female.

February 2018

A skilled neighbour is busy restoring some of our ancient hedgerows. 

The hedges are being laid in the Welsh Borders or Brecon style, which is traditional for this area.

For every new member we sign up to The Greener Camping Club we are a given a tree. We will use some of these to fill gaps in the hedges.

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